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Live at Sound FX, 1992

Probably one of the greatest shows I've ever experiences in my life! This had been my first time at the Sound FX (but not in San Diego), shocking how small the venue was, but it was extremely cool to see Al so close! (I'm used to places like stadiums & such, not really nighclubs)

The first song of the set was "Addicted to Spuds", with supported by two giant Mr. Potato Heads.

After the song & talking with the crowd for a bit, "Polka Your Eyes Out" was next, from his new album. I really got a kick out of "Miss You Much" being on there, & the crowd went crazy for the Drum Solo.

He quickly went off & changed his costume into this extremely nice suit, and started talking with the audience, with the keyboard getting louder & louder until Al just smacks him out of it. Which was immedietly followed by "One More Minute", the lady next to me was able to get his underwear!

I should mention there were screens showing off scenes from his movie, "UHF". I always watch that movie constantly on VHS, so to see it here as well was a real treat!

In what has to be the first of many highlights for me, the next song was also from his new album, & one of my favorites, "Taco Grande"! Coming out with backup dancers in sombrero! Seeing how I come from a Mexican family, this song was an absolute joy to hear. By the end of the song, Al was getting down & dancing like crazy! I probably annoyed the people next to me from how loud I was screaming.

Al quickly took a break to pull out his accordion, & started playing "Lasagna", which I don't believe most of the audience realized until Jim started playing. This was another song I really enjoyed, Al's food songs are some of the best!

"Like A Surgeon" was next, which was another real treat! The best part was at the end when he started getting close to the audience, the whole crowd was going insane as he started to approach us! Right before it was getting good, however, the song ended.

After that was what has to be the highlight of the show. A back to back performance of my favorite two songs of his! He first started off with "Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies", from his last album, with Jim's overwhelming Guitar intro. He had the music video in the background as he was singing, and was rocking the Keytar! 

Then it got better when he transitioned to the next song, "Dog Eat Dog", my favorite song of his! He came out with incredible energy wearing a giant suit, just like in the Talking Heads! No doubt I annoyed the people near me, as I was singing the entire song word-for-word, near tears. I wasn't expecting him to perform this song, as it was already from one of his older albums. Hopefully I can get one of those suits sometime soon!

After that energetic performance, he pulled out another song from his new album, "You Don't Love Me Anymore". He had a fake guitar on him during the entire song. It seems like most of the audience hadn't heard the song before, because they were laughing constantly during the song, which there's nothing wrong with! After the song, he smashed up his guitar, though, I was unlucky & unable to grab the pieces from it.

Another highlight was the Medley of songs, all of them about Food. He played a good portion of songs, mostly a lot of old ones at first. Though it got interesting when he performed "Chicken Pot Pie", which wasn't on the album, or any of his albums! I wish I had recorded it, because it's probably one of my favorites, maybe next time! After that was "The White Stuff", another one of my favorites! The entire crowd was moving their hands side-to-side like Al was! After that was another was another new song, "Snack All Night", which while I loved the original, I didn't think this one was as good. But it was fine, since after that was "Spam", another one of my favorites. He ended off the Medley with another new song, "Whole Lotta Lunch", & "Eat It", Jacket & all!

After that was an impressive Bass into by Steve, followed by "I Lost on Jeopardy", one of his older songs! He was using the keyboard that was pulled out for "Eat It", & the TV screen had one of the hosts calling him a loser!

After that was another new one, "I Can't Watch This". I'm not a big fan of the song, but I loved seeing the TV screen playing TV shows & commercials, & Al dancing like crazy during when the commercials were playing!

After that, Bermuda started hyping us up for the next song, saying things like "The Godfather of Soul" & "The Fruit Of The Loom", the audience was really excited when they started playing "Living With A Hernia". Another one of my favorites, I started saying all the Hernia's when he was listing them off.

After that was one of his new hits, "Smells Like Nirvana". My friends had already been playing a lot of Nirvana to me, so I was excited to see this one live! The real highlight was when he started garguling water, pretty sure all of us in the front were hit by it, which was awesome!

The next song was "Fat". He looked exactly like he did in the video, in fact, he was doing almost everything in the music video, sound effects and all! I'd never heard the crowd any louder than when they were going "HOOOO", just like Al. He also did a fake out end, & started introducing the band.

I forgot to mention that during the show, they gave the band these short solos. For the last song, they introduced their new Keyboard player, Ruben, & gave him a small solo. After playing his solo, they switched over to Yoda, with Al wearing his hawaiian shirt & on the accordion. There was a part where the song was singing along with the band without any music, which led them to start chanting. The audience was in total awe for a while, until they froze. It was absolutely fantastic to watch!

After the show, I had to quickly rush to the car, as it was getting late & I needed to get home. Definitely an experience I'll never forget!