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Earthbound is a neat little game released in 1995 for the Super NES, following the journey of 4 kids on their way to save the earth. One of the best RPGs released, right next to Secret of Mana & Chrono Trigger.

The Game is known as MOTHER2 in Japan & is the sequel to MOTHER on the NES. MOTHER NES never came out in America, but there's a rom floating around of an unreleased English version, neat stuff!

The game is set in modern times, very much unlike other RPGs, like Final Fantasy 3. Healing items are burgers & soda, weapons are baseball bats & yoyos, and instead of Inns, you have Hotels & Hospitals.

Battles are more traditonal, but instead of using Magic, you use PSi. You also have a cool health system, where if you're fast enough, you can prevent death in you take a killing blow.

The game was created by Shigesato Itoi, a very weird & popular person Japan! He also developed a fishing game for the Super NES and Nintendo 64!


If you want to see more about Earthbound, I am currently replaying it! You can check my thoughts on the game in the Playthrough Tab! I also have tabs for the unreleased NES version called Earthbound Zero, & a section dedicated to photos & videos in Shrine!